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  • 冷柜生产车间
    Manufacturing shop
  • Foaming equipment
    Foaming equipment
  • 激光切割
    Laser cutting machine
  • 性能测试
    Performance testing
  • 岛柜生产线
    Production line of island cabinet
  • 风幕柜车间
    Workshop of air curtain cabinet
  • 鲜肉柜车间
    Workshop of serve over counter
  • 岛柜仓库
    Warehouse of Island cabinet
  • 冰淇淋展示柜一角
    Ice cream display cabinet
  • 测试车间
    Testing workshop
  • 打包
  • 配件
    Fittings of cabinet

About Us

Hefei Youkai refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd. focuses on manufacturing, distributing and exporting the refrigeration equipment for supermarkets and commercial kitchens.

Our products cover multi-deck open display fridge, serve over counter, multi-deck glass door cabinet, island freezer, upright glass door display cooler and freezer, stainless steel vertical kitchen chiller and freezer, stainless steel counter kitchen chiller and freezer, blast chiller and freezer, and walk-in cold room. Most of our products have passed the standard of CE, CB, ROHS, MPES, SASO and etc. With the excellent quality, stylish design and stable performance, our products are well accepted in the Chi...

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